This is how you get started

The SkyNetPTT service is currently offered to business customers in Australia, USA, UK and Europe.

  1. Start by opening an account with SkyNetPTT:
    • Send email to with a request for an account. Please provide us with info about your usage requirements and area of business  in order to receive a trial account, pricing, etc.
  2. In the SkyNetPTT Commander you decide who should manage the account, followed by:
    • Adding users with Names
    • Adding PTT Groups
  3. Start the SkyNetPTT app on your phone, tablet or any Windows device. The first time you you launch the app it is recommended that you enter your user name and IP address (most convenient authentication method received to you via email) and you are set to start using SkyNetPTT for PTT.

Read more about installing the SkyNetPTT app view video below.