SkyNetPTT TM-8 3G/WiFi IRN Mobile Network Radio


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The SkyNetPTT TM-8, is the evolution of the TM-7 best seller network radio.

Great for amateur radio use with the new IRN platform, for WalkieFleet, Team Speak 3 and Echolink via 3G or WiFi. And it works as WiFi hotspot too!
Is this still hamradio? Read this article. The TM7 can also be used to listen to the police, fire department and many other transmissions. Learn how.
It is also fully compatible with APRS. Learn more on setting up APRS on the SkyNetPTT TM-8.

The SkyNetPTT TM-8 is a network radio. It does not have a VHF or UHF RF module.

This network radio version is fully compatible with the International Radio Network (IRN)

To transmit on the Ham repeaters, you need to hold a valid hamradio license. In order to use this radio on IRN, you need to follow these steps and, after that, configure the audio settings. Under the RECORD tab, select “Mic” and you are all set.

You can program the key buttons to any function you like, by following a simple procedure. Also, read this article, if you want to use a different microphone.